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Entry #4

Ohhhh Yessss.

2010-07-09 17:17:37 by TweaKBeatz

i HAVE been a verrrrry verrry busy kiddd lately. been putting together maddd pieces.

even trying to put a show together, but most newgrounders dont even know where i reside haha.

so ill skip the irrelevant parts of my life.

and tell you.


Tom-Ya of Bomb-Ya (DUBSTEP) /343096

Luigi Aint Shit (DUBSTEP) /345639

Low Krah Seh T (DUBSTEP) /312778

For T Ownse (Remix of "Reality" original done by FortyOunce) /323565

Just One More (a tune for my beautiful lady) /317887

Naranja Chaqueta (Orange Jacket) /323790


Fierce (Live Womp Session, Recorded) (DUBSTEP) /324748

are my new tracks so far this year.

if your even reading this right now, please help support these tunes.

all you gotta do is vote, even if you hate them. =)

every bit of feedback means more than you guys think

enjoy this picture taken of me by a face eating camera.

Ohhhh Yessss.


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